Natural Star

Bila Hdood

“Bila Hdood” a reality show that will make you discover the daily life of the Lebanese pop star Cyrine Abdel Nour. Showing us all details of a star’s daily lifestyle along with her social life with friends, “Bila Hdood” will expose Cyrine’s real actions, reactions and feelings towards everything she might encounter
Laughter and fun on one hand, anger and anxiety on an other; the show will reveal the truth of a renowned actress and singer who has decided to dive deep into the social challenges we confront everyday, reaching out to people in need of help, love and faith.
Drug addicts, religious extremists, abused women and Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the Arab world will become Cyrine’s priority. As she will try through this show to give them much of her efforts which they need to stand against every problem they might face on a daily basis.
Seasons: 4

Broadcasted on Al Aan Television and Future Television.