Natural Star

Natural Star a regional production house based in Beirut, launched in 2012. Our company created a breakthrough in the region by leading genres which were never produced.

Our vision is to present fresh and original productions in a frame of innovation with a purpose that fits the Arab viewer and elevates Arabic broadcasting to the level of transparency along with an educational and constructive message.

In Natural Star, we believe in originality, focus, transparency and aimfull goals. As we are constantly on the move in expanding our coverage to new countries, boosting the impact of the shows produced and maximizing our audience's diversity.

During a brief period of time, Natural Star achieved a remarkable success in TV production quality and high audience ratings for its TV shows.

In 2015, Natural Star became Televisa/Natural Star after a partnership agreement with Televisa, the international production company as its exclusive representative in the MENA Region. The agreement will also allow Televisa/Natural Star original formats to be distributed all over the world.